BV$B Inc.


 President ~ CEO

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I am the proud owner of BV$B Inc.  Located in Huntsville Alabama, formed from three entities, 

merged into one business in 2018, operating small businesses since 1998.  BV$B Inc.and BBVBUZZ combined with other entities have over 40 years of experiences which includes, business management, Sales & Service, Consulting, Marketing, Anger Management, Cosmetics/Skincare Artist and Travel Agency  Owner.

I lead a small team of people inspired, service driven, experienced and professional leaders who care about everyone in all communities across the world, which allow us to give all the needed attention to anyone that care to use our services online and doing business with us in today's new market. 


Covid-19 have been trailsome for all of us, but we'll continue striving to do business with you in a professional, comforting relaxed setting for all, 

giving each person the attention needed for a safe,

happy, and satisfied customer/client relationship. 


I look forward to meeting you soon.

Valencia Battle

  • Federal and State Contracting - Business and Services 
  • Consultant and Life Coaching - Anger Management, Self Awareness, Court Reporting, State and Government Assistance in Community Srv. 
  • Student/School Career Prep - Community College, Middle & High Schools
  • Online Lessons - Webinars & Zoom Classes
  • One on 1 Tutoring - Video Conference & Zoom, 
  • Skills for Success  - Students, Disadvantage, and Community training
  • B2B Community Efforts - Support, Investments, Donations
  • Non-Profit - Community and Business